Case Study: Maturing A High-Growth Startup

You're growing and hiring fast so you need to create and execute a 1-year security strategy that will increase your company’s security maturity.


You are a security-conscious CTO or CIO. Security hasn't always been your number one priority, but it frequents your conversation with your leadership team; especially when breaches hit the news. Now your company is growing and handling sensitive data. You have a much larger engineering team among other less technical teams. You have concerns about shadow IT, phishing awareness, and more. You know it's time to be proactive and understand where your unknown unknowns are. However, budget is a concern. There's not enough budget to bring on a Chief Information Security Officer full-time, but there's also not enough time in your day to focus on Risk, Compliance, and Security.


Cloud Security Labs offers on-demand access to a vCISO that is dedicated to your business. Get access to an expert who can answer your security questions, give advice on best practices, or even help implement/operationalize your security work. We start every vCISO engagement with our tailored Enterprise Security Gap Analysis. We carefully interview your executive staff, department heads and leads, and engineering staff. We'll conduct technical reviews of your source code, onboarding/offboarding process, product, and data. Over an intense period of 1-2 weeks, we audit and gather this data to build a prioritized list of gaps based on YOUR company. Instead of a boilerplate 100-page unusable report with obscure items and definitions, our final presentation to your C-Suite allows you and your team to actually know where you stand.
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Following our methodology, we help you create and execute a 1-year strategy that will mature your company's security posture