Case Study 4: Looking To Enter The Cloud Security Space

You're a vendor struggling with AWS security and looking for technical oversight on how to enter the cloud security space.
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Are you a vendor with clients struggling with AWS Security and looking for technical oversight over entering the cloud security space? You’re not alone. Many traditional data center-centric companies are looking to enter or service the cloud security space but cannot speak “cloud” when working with customers utilizing AWS public cloud. As a result, they are unable to close deals with those customers.


We’ve been decision-makers and cloud architects responsible for making decisions when a vendor comes to us regarding AWS security. We know what enterprises are looking for from an AWS security perspective. We can provide technical and industry oversight of your delivery or product with cloud security operationalization, which will help you enter the AWS security market and gain customers using the AWS public cloud.


By leveraging our expertise in AWS security and our understanding of what enterprises are looking for, we can help you successfully enter the cloud security space. Our cloud security operationalization services will enable you to meet the needs of customers utilizing AWS public cloud, leading to increased customer acquisition and successful deal closures.