Maturing Startup

You are a security conscious CTO. Your company is growing and handling sensitive data. Maybe you have a concern about the shadow IT threat. You want to be proactive and understand where your unknown unknowns are.

Our Enterprise Security Gap Analysis will give you that assurance. We carefully interview your executive staff, department heads and leads, and engineering staff as well as conduct technical reviews of your source code, onboarding/offboarding process, product and data. Conducted over an intense period of 1-2 weeks, we gather this data and build a prioritized list of gaps based on YOUR company.

Nothing boiler plate here. No 100 page reports with obscure items and definitions.

Finally, we present this succinct and straightforward to your executive team and gather any remaining feedback and thoughts. With this, your team can create and execute a 1 year security strategy for your company towards increasing your security maturity.

Startup Going IPO

Have you experience tremendous growth? Looking to make sure your Information Security is in place before seeking underwriting? SOX compliance giving you a headache?

We partner with you and your executive team getting your company’s information security profile in the BEST light for auditors and underwriters.

B2B Meeting Security Requirements of Customers and Partners

Young B2B startups are finding themselves talking to large enterprises with large security and compliance requirements. They do no have a security engineer, let along a Head of Security, to take their requirements, figure out whether they meet them in today’s cloud environment, and then communicate that confidently back to the potential client.

Our Virtual CISO service bridges that gap between your young startup and the tall needs of an enterprise client. Sometimes all they need is assurance that security will be remediated. We speak their language and are adept at assuaging even the most pernicious compliance auditor so you can focus on building an awesome product.

Vendors Looking To Enter Cloud Security Space

Are you a VAR with clients struggling with AWS Security? Maybe you are a software platform looking to adapt your offering to the cloud?

Many companies are still looking to enter or service the cloud security space but are coming from a traditional data center centric approach and cannot speak “cloud” when working with customers utilizing AWS public cloud. As a result they are unable to close deals with those customers.

We have been decision makers and cloud architects responsible for making decisions when a vendor comes to us regarding AWS security. We know what enterprises are looking for from an AWS security perspective.

We can provide technical and industry oversight of your delivery or product which will help you enter the AWS security market and gain customers using AWS public cloud.