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Virtual CISO - Complete

In addition to everything else, we will function as your company’s Virtual CISO, ultimately responsible for driving, establishing, and maintaining an information security program. We will build, launch, and maintain your information security program. Additionally, we will work with all departments to ensure adequate security controls and processes are in place. We will provide management with updates on the company’s status and the security maturity; and re-prioritize initiatives as needed in alignment with your business’s objectives. We will come onsite at least once every quarter—monthly if local—to ensure proper alignment with goals. This position is most successful when reporting to the CFO, CEO, GC, or at least the CTO/CIO’s peer. 

This option does require a 6-month commitment minimum to ensure proper program implementation, with a 30-60 day lead time based on scheduling and availability. An initial Enterprise Security Gap Analysis is also required to seed data and priorities for this service to be successful.


We can establish an Information Security Program, a One and Three-Year Information Security Strategy that aligns with your business, and an Information Security Awareness Program to promote information security internally.

This package will accelerate the security maturity of your organization. It will also offset the time you would have put into reporting your security to management and board, increasing time for you to work on your engineering initiatives, increasing your productivity. We will also provide a real-time understanding of security matters concerning your business, which will give you comfort in all things security-related.

If you're looking for a proactive and integrated approach for InfoSec, then this offer is perfect for you.

We can provide oversight and mentorship for your engineers and help with leading hiring and technical interviews to aid in your security team's growth.

Chuck Siu

Ayman’s congenial attitude and background as a educator means that his cloud security consulting is extraordinarily helpful in articulating cloud security options for our client, who had limited experience in cloud in general…as the cloud begins to genuinely become the future of corporate applications, securing that infrastructure becomes essential – Ayman is the key to assisting virtually any corporation in doing that quickly effectively and securely.