You are a security conscious CTO or CIO. Your company is growing and handling sensitive data. Maybe you have a concern about the shadow IT threat. You want to be proactive and understand where your unknown unknowns are.

Our Enterprise Security Gap Analysis will give you that assurance. We carefully interview your executive staff, department heads and leads, and engineering staff as well as conduct technical reviews of your source code, onboarding/offboarding process, product and data. Conducted over an intense period of 1-2 weeks, we gather this data and build a prioritized list of gaps based on YOUR company.

Nothing boiler plate here. No 100 page unactionable reports with obscure items and definitions.

Finally, we present this succinctly and straightforward to your executive team and gather any remaining feedback and thoughts. With this, your team can create and execute a one year security strategy for your company towards increasing your security maturity.