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How Replacing My Roof Mirrored Information Security – Part 3

How Replacing My Roof Mirrored Information Security – Part 3

Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Yes folks… This. Is. So. True.

saw 21.5″ but actually measured 20.5″! Blame fatigue, blurry lines, lack of coffee, whatever… if I would have taken an extra second to double check my measurements I would have had a good piece of wood and not an addition to the scrap pile.

When pushing your security changes to production… being super careful that you don’t bring down the website with that ill-planned security group or firewall rule is measuring twice.

Checking that you don’t mistakenly open that S3 bucket to the world instead of just to another AWS account is measuring twice.

You get the point.

Moral Of The Story

Although I had extra wood that day and I simply laughed off the mistake, the situation may not always be so laughable in Information Security.

Check, Test, Check again!

Although this wisdom can be applied to almost most parts of life, in Information Security we under extra scrutiny. We have the pressure on our shoulders in ensuring your environment is safe. We often times have to measure three, four, five or more times before cutting.

Need help measuring and cutting your cloud environment? I’ll bring my measuring tape and combination ruler and we’ll go at it. You can reach me at [email protected]

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