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How Replacing My Roof Mirrored Information Security – Part 1

How Replacing My Roof Mirrored Information Security – Part 1

Friends are great, but they’ll only get you so far

I had a hard time getting my project off the ground.

First I needed to demo the existing roof.

Tried it myself and found it to be a little arduous with no end in sight. Didn’t help I didn’t have the right tools either.

After getting the right tools (crowbar!)… my friend came over and we started going at it, taking off shingles and old plywood.

The project accelerated. Very fun indeed!

At the end of the day we were exhausted. But we got a lot done.

I continued on myself.

Little by little and very slowly things got done.

By now I was both physically and mentally exhausted. So I put out a call on Craigslist.

Enter John the Handyman…an expert carpenter! Progress sped up!

He looked at the roof and with just an eyeball, calculated how many more sheets of plywood I needed! Together we cut and slapped on the fascia and the eaves. He didn’t double my efficiency, he increased it exponentially!

Moral of the Story

Yes, you can do security yourself. You might even have a friend that knows some security and can help out a bit.

Having an expert with experience in the field will move your project exponentially!

Also, demoing and breaking things is fun!!

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