Using AWS Service Control Policies To Protect All Your AWS Accounts

If you have multiple AWS accounts, you more than likely are using AWS Organizations. A continually maturing feature of AWS Organizations is AWS Service Control Policies (SCP), which allows you to apply IAM like policies at the organizational level. This does require you to have your AWS Organizations, well, organized (excuse the pun) into OU's…

AWS Secrets Manager, CLI, and JQ

AWS Secrets Manager provides a way for you to store and retrieve secrets securely. They provide a really nice tutorial to help you get started. Looking to test and integrate this from the command line, I wanted to see how this extraction works and how it would look like if an application or wrapper was…

What To Look For In A Cloud Friendly SIEM

This article was born out of years of frustrations waiting for traditional SIEM providers to catch up to the cloud. If you are a SIEM vendor this is for you. If you are looking for a SIEM vendor, these are tips to help you make a good and informed decision to last for your organization.

You Just Got An AWS Security Audit… Now What?

So you successfully ran Trusted Advisor, Scout2, Access Advisor, or hired an external firm to audit your AWS accounts? You found that the co-founder is still logging in using root keys and that you have security groups allowing access from the internet. Not to mention the 20 developers offshore that are sharing the same IAM user and access keys. Oops!

A Case of Mistaken Identity and 5 Steps to Prevent It

Wait… Who Are You Again? A couple weeks ago, when logged into a website provider's admin panel, I found a strange user in my account with admin rights that I did not recognize! As you can imagine, this triggered all my alarms. I took a screenshot, removed their access, looked them up on LinkedIN, and…

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