About Cloud Security Labs

Cloud Security Labs is a boutique security advisory firm focused on companies looking to take security seriously. We work with security-minded CTOs and Founders to help establish their Information Security Program and take it to the next level. We alleviate you of the security burden, so you can focus on what you do best: building great things. From a technology perspective, we specialize in AWS Security, and Security Architecture/Operations (SIEMs, Endpoint Security, etc).

About Me

I am a seasoned information security leader who specializes in Enterprise and Cloud Security. I’ve worked in multiple industries including FinancialsE-CommerceMultimedia, and SaaS. With over 20 years of experience under my belt, I have helped organizations of all sizes strategically plan, build, and implement processes and solutions that increase their security posture.

I sincerely believe that when more and more companies improve their security posture, society is better off in the end.

I also believe in maintaining the highest ethical standards, which is why I have chosen not to take part in the resale of security products. This gives me the freedom to make the best recommendations for my clients. My goal is to improve your security posture.

Here is a link to my presentations and publications.

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Book: A Practical Guide to Starting a Career in Information Security

Book: A Tribe of Hackers Blue Team: Tribal Knowledge from the Best in Defensive Cybersecurity